Internet Sensations Pixie and Brutus just Shared a Heartwarming Comic Story (28 Drawings)




Pet Foolery is a webcomic created by Ben Hed, an artist and writer. The comic series primarily focuses on humorous and adorable scenarios involving animals, particularly cats and dogs. Ben Hed’s distinctive art style and clever storytelling have gained him a significant following of 2.5 million followers online. In Pet Foolery, the animals are personified and often depicted with exaggerated facial expressions and comedic interactions. The comics explore various aspects of pet ownership and the amusing situations that can arise from the daily lives of pets and their owners.

The individuals who make up the comic book series each have a unique personality and frequently act naughtily or playfully. The same creator of “Pixie and Brutus” as “Pet Foolery,” Ben Hed, has another well-liked webcomic series. This specific comic strip focuses on the unexpected bond that develops between a big, grizzled military dog named Brutus and a little, innocent kitten named Pixie. Pixie, who is frequently represented as innocent, inquisitive, and fragile, and Brutus, who is frequently described as tough, stoic, and protective, are depicted as having different personalities and interacting with each other in the comics.

Sometimes the humor in comics is based on the characters’ evident differences and divergent perspectives on various occurrences. The humor in Pixie and Brutus lies not only in their divergent perspectives but also in their contrasting reactions to various situations. Pixie’s innocent and naive outlook on life often clashes with Brutus’ more seasoned and pragmatic approach. This dichotomy sets the stage for amusing misunderstandings and comical exchanges, leaving readers chuckling with each panel. We have compiled his best illustrations in the next section. To indulge in the delight of these comics, simply scroll down to the section below. Our earnest wish is for everyone to revel in the charm of these captivating comic strips.

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Credit: Pet Foolery

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The Long Story (Part 1)

Part 2

Part 3

The Long Story (Part 4)

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