20 The Underfold Comics Based on Work Experiences and the Awkward Situations

Instagram has developed into a venue for artists of all stripes to […]

Instagram has developed into a venue for artists of all stripes to showcase their work to a wider audience. One musician who has achieved great success on the site is Brian Russell. Self-taught artist Brian Russell started out as a graphic designer. However, he developed a passion for comics and started making an Instagram account named The Underfold. He currently has an audience of 50,700 followers.

It follows a group of people as they go about their everyday lives in a strangely familiar world with issues that are relatable to everyone. Her comics feature relatable themes like parenting, work experiences, Dungeons & Dragons, and the awkward situations of everyday life. Scroll down to the section below to view his most current 20 illustrations.

Credit: The Underfold

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#1. Second hand Embarrassment

#2. Supposed to work

#3. Fix it


#4. Life

#5. Printing Food

#6. Errors & Mistakes


His comics may be strange to some, but in a good or poor way, the comic as a whole never fails in its ability to be consistently funny. Brian has a sizable fan base on Instagram, where he shares updates about the series as well as his artwork. His comics have a distinct style that combines  humor and science fiction themes. Although every comic strip tells a different story on its own, they are all linked by the universe and characters that Brian has created.

#7. Relaxed

#8. From Last Year

#9. Knock Knock


#10. Help

#11. Streaming Service

#12. Reality


#13. Two Wolves

#14. Orcas

He is a self-proclaimed comic artist and animator who shows his twisted creativity in comics. His comics are mostly based on dark humor. He always creates four-panel comics. If you’re looking for some lighthearted comics about everyday life and work, his comics are worth checking out. For this you have to simply click here and Here.

#15. Amazing


#16. Dream

#17. Books

#18. Kitty


#19. Back to School

#20. Not good at this

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