Here are the 25 Comics by “Brain Russel” who have Great Sense of Dark Humour

Here are the 25 Comics by “Brain Russel” who have Great Sense of Dark Humour

If there is anything funnier than regular humor, it’s got to be dark humor. Some people might like dark humour some not. It is vary from person to person. There are few people who never want to see dark humour comics because they cannot understand it. But in spite of that people, comics full of dark humour are mostly enjoyable for many people. That’s why we bring for you another good collection of dark comics.

A self-proclaimed webcomic artist and animator whose name is “Brian Russel”, he loves to create dark, twisted comics with endings you never see coming and is quite good at it. He is better known as for his webcomic series “The Underfold”. In spite of dark humour, this webcomic also features topics hinged on parenting, D&D, awkwardness, and sometimes other random stuff that anyone can deeply relate to.

Illustrating comics was one of Russell’s earliest dreams, and no doubt spending over a decade sharing his artwork online has been a blast. In that time, Russell has not only garnered an audience of 54.1k followers on Instagram, but also carved himself a place in the comic universe. We have gathered some of his best dark comics in the gallery below. If you are dark humour lover then must scroll down the section below.

Credit: The Underfold

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