20 Daily Obstruction Comics Explores Dark and Strange Situations to Amuse You

It looks like you’re in the correct place if you’ve been searching for some true dark humor comics. We are very pleased to introduce to you the Daily Obstruction today. This Instagram account is owned and operated by Brennan. For many of you, we’re confident it will be a wonderful treat. The unfortunate news is that this series’ creator is no longer producing new comics.

His comic strips consist of genuinely bizarre endings, strange characters, ridiculous situations, and occasionally dark humor. Currently residing in the US, he works as a graphic designer along with other creative abilities. He claims that one day he will continue to bring international recognition to this comic book series. He has been successful in gaining 16,000 followers on Instagram so far. To view a list of the top comics in the following gallery, scroll down.

Credit: Daily Obstruction

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#1. Power Level

#2. Tearing me

#3. Hilarious


#4. Thinking

#5. Fix

#6. Tempo


He has always loved telling stories through drawings, and comics on the internet gave him a new platform to do it. His interest in creating popular comics came from the fact that he followed and appreciated many of them. One day, he felt that he was wasting his time by hanging out with friends. He had the idea to launch a comic book because it looked like a sensible way to deal with the problem.

#7. Leave her Spirit

#8. Mindless

#9. Sample


#10. Good Piss

#11. Funny Helmet

#12. Far Away


#13. Emotional

#14. The birth of technology

#15. Disgust


He then creates this comic series based on dark situations. His comic format varies from two panels to four panels. His comics are mostly based on characters from movies and fantasy themes, which are surely enjoyable for dark humor lovers. If you are also a dark humor lover, then you will enjoy this blog. For more of his comics, feel free to click here.

#16. Empathy

#17. Nightmare

#18. Joy


#19. Times Up

#20. Freeze

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