Here are 20 Dark Comics With Unexpected Twists by Daily Obstruction

In the vast and diverse world of webcomics, there is an artist […]

In the vast and diverse world of webcomics, there is an artist whose work stands out for its dark and unexpected twists. Brennan, the talented creator behind the popular webcomic series Daily Obstruction Comics, has gained a dedicated following of 14,000 for his unique approach to storytelling. With an uncanny ability to take readers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, Brennan’s comics delve into the depths of darkness, offering surprising and thought-provoking twists that leave readers in awe.

Daily Obstruction Comics is an anthology of short, standalone stories that explore various themes such as human nature, morality, and the complexities of life. What sets Brennan’s work apart is its ability to lull readers into a false sense of security by presenting seemingly ordinary situations before unraveling them with unexpected and often chilling twists. It is the unpredictable nature of the narratives that has captivated fans and kept them coming back for more. This approach adds an extra layer of intensity to the stories, amplifying the impact of the unexpected twists and turns.

Brennan’s storytelling prowess shines through their exploration of the darker aspects of human existence. With a keen eye for detail, they skillfully craft narratives that reveal the flaws, fears, and hidden desires that lie within each character. These stories delve into the shadows of the human psyche, unearthing buried secrets and delivering moments of shocking revelation. Through their work, Brennan challenges readers to confront their own preconceptions and consider the complex tapestry of emotions and motivations that drives us all. You can check out his best 20 illustrations in the next section.

Credit: Daily Obstruction Comics

Credit: Instagram | Website

#1. Sure darling

#2. Open

#3. When you look at the moon


#4. Good title

#5. Dad fight

#6. Exorcism


#7. Pocket mouth

#8. Free samples

#9. Freeze


#10. Reason to live

#11. Far away

#12. Leg day for the emotional bros


#13. Survival tips

#14. Phase two

#15. Straw man argument


#16. Howdy

#17. Horny

#18. Froggy


#19. Emotional bros

#20. Turn green

#21. Look like a clown?


#22. Look for directions

#23. Feeding time


#24. This town

#25. Life’s great

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