6 new comic strips from the internet’s most beloved duo, Pixie and Brutus

6 new comic strips from the internet’s most beloved duo, Pixie and Brutus

If you like comics, you probably already know the Pet Foolery stories that feature the adventurous duo of a tiny energetic kitty, Pixie, and a retired military working dog named Brutus.

Created by Ben Hed, Pet Foolery amassed a strong online fan base with 2.5 million followers on Instagram. This allowed Ben to go from creating comics as a side hobby to working full time at his dream job. Nowadays, the artist constantly comes up with new entertaining adventures for Pixie and Brutus, and it seems that the scenarios in which the furry friends end up are endless…

Today, we present to you the latest batch of Pet Foolery comics to brighten your day.

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Ben’s Pet Foolery Instagram page has a whopping 2.5 million followers, which is incredible considering the artist didn’t initially intend to make it into a series. Today, Pixie and Brutus have a huge fan base online and Ben has to keep his comic series efficient and engaging just like the day he first released the comics.

That doesn’t mean, however, that coming up with new ideas for his ongoing comic series is easy. “With animal comics about recurring characters and an ongoing story (ie Pixie and Brutus), I find it increasingly difficult to come up with new ideas and jokes,” he previously told us in an interview.


On the other hand, the creator of Pet Foolery is always up to something new and exciting, so we caught up with him to see what he’s been working on.

“I’m still working on the Pixie and Brutus graphic novel! I’m much closer to finishing now, of course. It should be on a crowdfunding site (probably Kickstarter) in the near future,” Ben told us adding that he is very excited about it. Be sure to follow Pet Foolery on Instagram for new graphic novel updates and sneak peeks of work in progress!


When asked if there were any new characters introduced in the comics, Ben said that he recently introduced a Belgian Malinois character named Dexter. “He and Brutus are developing a friendly relationship,” he explained.

We also wonder if the characters change over time, and here’s what the creator had to say: “The designs have changed the most, but their characters have also evolved a bit.”




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