20 Maritsa Patrinos Comics Shows Awkward Social Situations We All Faced

Maritsa Patrinos is a Brooklyn-based illustrator and animator. She is a comic artist known for her relatable and humorous takes on everyday life. She grew up in Washington and received her diploma from Pratt Institute in 2010. The artist is well-known for her twisted comics, which deal with a variety of subjects like anxiety, loneliness, and the foolishness of modern life.


You might be able to temporarily forget about the stress of life and enjoy some good laughs at the situations she depicts in her amusing comic series. They’re not only extremely relatable, but they’re also hilarious. She presently has 112,000 followers on Instagram, which is a large following. Slices of city life are a common theme in her art, which humorously and brilliantly captures the absurdities and awkward social situations we all face.

Credit: Maritsa Patrinos

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#1. Dry Heat


#2. Sweet


#3. Pop Art

#4. Most of the time


#5. Don’t mess with perfection

#6. Everything


The artist believes that practicing sketching for hours on end is not something that can be rushed. It would be like trying to reduce weight without doing any exercise or eating well. It kind of doesn’t matter what you draw, as long as you’re making progress. Simply sketch whatever comes to hand. Apart from that, don’t wait for someone to approach you to begin your ideal try. Instead, be persistent and determined about putting yourself out there.

#7. Such Beauty

#8. Coffee


#9. Recipes

#10. Halloween offers


#11. Summer

#12. Just trying to stay healthy


#13. Transition

#14. Better Life


She began her career as an illustrator, creating images for children’s books, magazines, and advertising. Her comics are currently highly recognizable among artists on social media. The artist’s work will appeal to everyone who likes creative and colorful comics. Her comics often show likable characters attempting to find their place in the world. By clicking here, you can also enjoy her previous posts on our website.

#15. Without fail

#16. So True


#17. Booster

#18. The spice of life


#19. Not Today

#20. Too Hot


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