20 Doodle Window Comics Perfectly Sum Up Adorable Moments Between Couples

The web comic series Doodle Window is well-known for its comics showing […]

The web comic series Doodle Window is well-known for its comics showing romantic moments shared by couples. The talented artist Shruti is the creative mind behind this Instagram account. The artist’s comics are mostly about her and her attempts to keep her relationship with her partner lasting. Her comics’ real events provide the basis for her humor, which often illustrates the lack of attention and frustration she felt as a result of her boyfriend’s silly actions.

Her cartoonish, simple art depicted cartoon characters that expressed a range of emotions through their body language and facial expressions. She primarily draws adorable and humorous comics, commonly focused on couples and everyday situations. On Instagram, she has 15,300 followers. All of this is a result of her passion for drawing and creating comics. Her motivation is what makes her comics so popular and entertaining. The following section contains a selection of her best comics.

Credit: Doodle Window

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#1. Nothing

#2. Wake Up Early

#3. Time to Call


#4. Best Massage

#5. Increased Weight

#6. Morning Plan


The primary motivation behind capturing these precious moments is that others can relate to and understand them with their partner. This web comic chronicles the daily lives of a couple who genuinely love each other. At times, the creator looks into the difficulties of managing relationships with shared interests. She says these are the moments that make the love bond between couples stronger.

#7. Competition

#8. Carrier

#9. Together


#10. Farted

#11. Lottery

#12. Not Satisfied


#13. Wrong Lyrics

#14. Getting Bored

Her drawings are renowned for their simple but appealing portrayal of everyday incidents, offering warmth and comedy to the daily routines and experiences of couples. You can still enjoy the artist’s best comics on our website, even though she is no longer making new ones due to reasons of her own. Check out our website regularly for more fresh comedy. Every day, we make updates to the content on our website.

#15. Talk


#16. Marriage

#17. Morning

#18. Tickle


#19. First Date

#20. Password

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