20 Speed Bump Comics Perfectly Sums Up Hilarious Jokes Only in One-Panel

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Speed Bump is a one-panel comic strip created by American cartoonist Dave Coverly. Since 1994, this charming one-panel comic strip has been tickling people’s funny bones. He has amassed a devoted fan base of 9,477 because of his simple but hilarious observations on daily life. He has also been recognized with the esteemed Reuben Award for best cartoonist. The artist perfectly sums up hilarious jokes in one panel to make his fans laugh.


The brilliant use of visual puns and ridiculous comedy are features of Speed Bump’s style. Funny humor, dark comedy, and social commentary mostly appear in the comics. The basic idea behind this artist’s comics is that each strip tells the whole story in only one panel, giving a humorous or informative observation in a single frame. His best comics can be found in the section that follows. Scroll down if you want to appreciate them.

Credit: Speed Bump

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#1. Forgetful

image 3394

#2. Let him Sniff

image 3395

#3. Over Excited

image 3396

#4. Comfort Food

image 3403

#5. Rejected the request

image 3398

#6. Walking Behind

image 3404

Before the Internet, according to the cartoonist, the only way to get people to read his one-panel cartoons was to get them syndicated, which was his goal. After eight years of rejection letters, he finally received a contract offer from Creators Syndicate in 1994. He adopted the name Speed Bump, and his writing was picked up by publications across the country.

#7. Assist You

image 3400

#8. Too matching

image 3401

#9. Over Achiever

image 3405

#10. Final Wish

image 3406

#11. Run

image 3407

#12. Medical Advice

image 3408

#13. Hang On

image 3409

#14. Beach

image 3410

#15. Do not Forget

image 3411

He mostly captures awkward moments of everyday life. We’ve all been there, whether it’s the frustration of technology or an unexpected social mishap. He makes us laugh at ourselves and tells us that these situations happen to everyone. His comics are the perfect way to enjoy them and turn their sorrows into happiness. You can also check out some of his previous articles on our website by simply clicking here and here.

#16. Mail

image 3412

#17. End this debate

image 3413

#18. Without mask

image 3414

#19. Heard Immunity

image 3415

#20. Small Circles

image 3416

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