20 Witty One-Frame Comics Full of Clever Puns by Speed Bump Comics

Puns, being linguistic humor, introduce an element of surprise into the comic. When we read or see a pun, our brains first process the literal meaning, and then, in a delightful twist, we grasp the humorous, often absurd, alternate interpretation. This cognitive shift from the expected to the unexpected generates a spontaneous and infectious laughter response. Witty one-frame comics filled with clever puns have a unique ability to elicit genuine giggles and laughter. The magic of these comics lies in their simplicity and clever wordplay, which tickle our funny bones in an instant.


Credit: Speed Bump

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#1. Hip Replacement

#2. Didn’t Believe


#3. Obsessed

#4. Petting Zoo


#5. Experimental Treatment

One-frame comics masterfully deliver these puns in a concise and visually engaging manner, enhancing the comedic impact. The immediate recognition of the pun and the comic’s visual element work in harmony to create a delightful “Aha!” moment. Speed Bump Comics is indeed an expert. The mastery of creating pun-laden, one-frame comics lies in their ability to combine clever wordplay with visual humor. The cleverness of the puns often prompts an immediate reaction of amusement as the brain swiftly switches from the literal to the comically absurd interpretation.

#6. Good News


#7. When life gives you lemons

#8. Warmer


#9. Does it hurt?

#10. Graduation Gowns


#11. Awkward

Speed Bump Comics is a single-panel comic strip created by American cartoonist Dave Coverly. The strip features a variety of characters, including dogs, cats, chickens, and humans, and it often deals with topics such as humor, relationships, and everyday life. Speed Bump Comics is known for its clever and witty humor, as well as its heartwarming and relatable characters. Coverly’s drawings are simple but effective, and he uses them to create a wide range of emotions and expressions.

#12. Not Much


#13. Stop doing that

#14. Blog


#15. That’s a scratching

#16. Remember


#17. Morning in Hell

Speed Bump Comics is syndicated to over 1,500 newspapers worldwide, and it has also been published in several books. Coverly has won numerous awards for his work, including the Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year. He has 8,525 Instagram followers. Dave Coverly has a website called SpeedBump.com, where he posts his comics and other artwork. The website features a collection of his unique and creative comics, as well as information about his books and other projects. It is a popular comic strip that is known for its clever humor and relatable characters. It is a great way to get a laugh and to start your day off on the right foot.

#18. Exploded


#19. Loading

#20. Preferred


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