20 Speed Bump Comics Based on Clever Jokes will Amuse You

You have seen many artists who make four-panel comics, but there are few artists who make single-panel comics. One such artist we are bringing for you. Speed Bump Comics, created by Dave Coverly, is a delightful single-panel comic strip that has been tickling funny bones since 1994. With its simple yet insightful observations on everyday life, the comic has garnered a loyal following of 9,009 followers and even earned the prestigious Reuben Award for Best Cartoonist.


The basic idea of this artist’s comics is that each strip uses only one panel to convey the entire story, delivering a punch of humor or observation in a single frame. Dave is forced to be extremely inventive and brief as a result of this basic approach, which results in unexpected and humorous situations. The following section contains his best comics. You can also watch some of his previous posts on Boredcomics by simply clicking here.

Credit: Speed Bump

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#1. Socializing

#2. Park Place


#3. Icing

#4. Silence


#5. Ingredients

#6. Medical Advice


The creator claims that before the internet, the only way to acquire a readership for these single-panel cartoons was to make them syndicated, which was my dream. I kept getting rejection letters for eight years until, at last, in 1994, Creators Syndicate offered me a contract. I took the name Speed Bump, and newspapers all over the nation began publishing my writing.

#7. Bad Dog

#8. The Universe


#9. News

#10. Meeting


#11. Over excited

#12. Emotional Support


#13. First Word

#14. Hilarious


#15. Song

Speed Bump doesn’t shy away from the mundane. The discomfort, disappointments, and joys of everyday events often serve as a source of humor. With clear lines and delightfully drawn characters, his artwork is simple yet expressive. His use of color tends to be dull, which adds to the strips’ gentle comedy and softness. Because of their relatability, the comics appeal to readers of all ages and backgrounds.

#16. Do That


#17. Life

#18. Eye Contact


#19. Over Achiever

#20. Rejected the request


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