A comic shows why cats and dogs are from different planets

A comic shows why cats and dogs are from different planets

It is often said that animal lovers are divided between those who prefer dogs, and those who are in favor of having cats. Even the most intelligent scientists are interested in knowing the differences between the owners of one or another pet, since, after all, cats and dogs are really very different.

While science is interested in the question, these comics published by genial.guru illustrate the most vivid moments of daily life with these animals …

#1 An instruction manual can be developed on how to pet cats

#2 Pleasing a dog is a hundred times easier

#3 They perceive the world around them, things in the house and … their masters in very different ways

#4 Cats and dogs need different hobbies

#5 And when it comes to kissing, the outcome of the process looks like this

#6 They will always receive you in different ways

#7 They may have several favorite places to sleep

#8 And also the best games in the world

#9 With these pets you will have no doubts in knowing who is boss between the two of you

#10 But the really important thing is that both will conquer your heart and … your home


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