20 Shru Toons Show the Frustrating Realities and Joys of Married Life

Shru Toons is the username of an Instagram account that is famous for showing relatable moments that happen in the everyday life of a girl. The brilliant mind behind this comic series is Shruti Bhargava, who is an illustrator from India. Her work focuses on relatable illustrations depicting the humorous and sometimes frustrating realities of married life. Her comics mostly capture the lives of young couples.


She creates drawings about her daily experiences, particularly her romantic journeys. Since her comics were praised for being both humorous and interesting, they have garnered an impressive 8,475 online followers. All of her comics are inspired by the experiences of her boyfriend. You will have to scroll down to view the next gallery if you are a couple. After you’ve seen her comics, you’ll surely argue that these things also happen to us.

Credit: Shru Toons

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#1. How the gestures change with time


#2. Can’t stop biting my nails


#3. The final picture is definitely the future

#4. When you can’t take hints


#5. You can’t just not binge watch the whole season in one go

#6. Women and their battle with bras


The artist has always loved drawing and reading comics. She shows the everyday joys, challenges, and humorous situations couples face in married life, particularly for young couples. Her comics tackle relatable themes such as the struggle to find comfortable sleeping positions and dealing with a partner’s playful teasing. That’s why her comics are amusing to people who are in relationships.

#7. Anxiety

#8. Driving


#9. So relatable

#10. It was worth it


#11. Just married life stuff

#12. Menstrual cups are the best


#13. Keep Checking

#14. Why are all his clothes so comfortable?


Her comics focus on the adorable and humorous situations that couples face on a daily basis. On Instagram, she has established herself as having an established personality. Because of her timely humor, people all over the world find themselves giggling at the scenarios she portrays. If you find her comics interesting, then do not forget to comment about your favorite one.

#15. Everyday things

#16. Feelings


#17. Eye Balls

#18. Office Life


#19. High Pressure

#20. When your girl is crazy about boxes


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