Here are 20 Comics By Alice Based on Relatable Situations Happens in Daily Life

We’re back today to talk about another talented artist who makes humorous perspectives about daily life. An artist named Alice Chu is the woman who created it. Her most well-known Instagram account is Comics by Alice. She is an artist who makes her readers laugh and think by using comedy and real-life situations. Her comics mostly focus on self-love, self-care, and mental health awareness.


She draws comics based on her own mistakes and ordinary disappointments. The artist is well-known for her humorous and lovely illustrations, which she posts on her website and many social media platforms like Instagram. She frequently discusses relationships, everyday life, and mental health in her illustrations. To give you an idea of her amazing, distinctive characteristics and inventiveness, we’ve selected just a few of her humorous comics.

Credit: Comics By Alice

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#1. Going to japan


#2. Playing


#3. Come and teach me

#4. Pumpkin Picking


#5. Good Run

#6. Happen


She illustrates everyday scenarios and anxieties that we have all faced, like social discomfort and trouble maintaining motivation. Her characters produce genuine scenarios that inspire both belly laughs and surprising reactions from readers. By using humor, she approaches these subjects in a way that feels approachable and minimizes the readers’ sense of loneliness. 

#7. Resolutions

#8. Night owl


#9. Hilarious

#10. Extensive Research


#11. Wake Up Early

#12. Deep Thoughts


#13. Screamed

#14. Birthday


She is quite active on social media, particularly Instagram, where she communicates with her followers and shows her latest creations. This enables followers to remain involved and become members of a group that values her contributions. Her experiences and individuality are frequently reflected in her artwork. That’s why her comics are well liked by most people.

#15. Days of the week

#16. Horse


#17. Simple Style

#18. Noodle Arms


#19. Working

#20. Best Solution


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