10 Illustrations That Perfectly Show What It Is To Be A Dog Mom

Continuing with all the celebrations for May 10, it is worth emphasizing those women who may not have biological children, but that is not why they are not mothers. We mean all the proud mothers of a dog (or several).


An illustrator from Michigan, United States, Natalie Marion , decided to pay tribute to all those women who, like her, are mothers of adorable, slimy and spoiled 4-legged doormats. For this reason, she presented a series of 10 illustrations that perfectly reflect the everyday life of all of us who have and love our dogs.

From having the best alarm clock in the world, the farewell when you go to work that is always bittersweet and ends with a touch of drama included, to the goodnight kiss … all these are situations with which you will surely feel identified if you consider your puppy’s mom.

#1 The best alarm in the world

#2 A walk that is worth seeing your dog so happy


#3 Impossible to get by without distractions

#4 The dramatic farewell


#5 You know someone is waiting for you

#6 Which makes your day more bearable, even the paperwork


#7 Time is eternal

#8 And finally the moment of the emotional reunion arrives


#9 Mealtime is always party time

#10 And finally, to rest … not without a good night kiss




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