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Capturing “dumb” or absurd ideas in comics to make people laugh is a skill that many comic artists master, often through a combination of creativity, wit, and a deep understanding of human nature. Many artists draw inspiration from their everyday lives and observations. They keenly observe situations, conversations, or behaviors that strike them as ridiculous or absurd. These observations serve as a rich source of material for their comics.

Clever wordplay and puns can be a source of humorous comics. Artists twist language and exploit its multiple meanings to create unexpected, funny connections. Comic artists have a knack for setting up a scenario that appears to be heading in one direction and then delivering a completely unexpected punchline or resolution. It’s this element of surprise that often leads to laughter.

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#1. Help

#2. Idea

#3. Fire

#4. Snort when laugh

#5. Cane Sword

Cartoonist Demitrios Haldes is a breath of fresh air with his clever and uproarious web comic series, “Infinite Monkey Business.” With a knack for capturing the absurd and often dumb ideas that pop into our heads, he has mastered the art of tickling our funny bones and making us laugh out loud. Haldes, the creative genius behind “Infinite Monkey Business,” has an uncanny ability to distill the everyday quirks of human existence into bite-sized, hilarious comic strips. His comics are like snapshots of our own inner monologues, showcasing those moments when the absurdity of life takes center stage. Whether it’s the comically misguided solutions to everyday problems or the bizarre scenarios that play out in our imaginations, Haldes brings them to life in a way that’s both relatable and side-splitting.

#6. Light

#7. Liquid Soap

#8. Mother-in-law

#9. Sandwich

#10. Looks Weird

The title of the webcomic itself, “Infinite Monkey Business,” is a clever nod to the infinite possibilities of comedic chaos that can arise from the simplest and silliest of ideas. Much like the thought experiment of infinite monkeys typing at random and eventually producing Shakespeare’s works, Haldes’ comics explore the infinite potential of human foolishness, inviting us to embrace our own quirks and foibles with a hearty laugh.

What truly sets Haldes apart is his ability to find humor in the mundane and everyday absurdity. It’s a testament to his keen observation and wit that he can take the most mundane situations and transform them into laugh-out-loud moments. From the peculiarities of office life to the humorous nuances of relationships, his comics invite us to see the hilarity in the commonplace.

#11. Apple Pie

#12. At the gym

#13. News

#14. Rooster

#15. Teach him a lesson

#16. Just to be safe

As the owner and creative force behind “Infinite Monkey Business,” he has not only captured our penchant for dumb ideas but also harnessed the power of laughter to bring joy to countless readers. With each new comic, he adds a dash of humor and a dollop of absurdity to our lives, reminding us that sometimes the silliest ideas can be the most amusing. So, if you’re in need of a good laugh and a delightful escape from the mundane, look no further than Haldes’ web comic, where dumb ideas take center stage and mirth is always on the menu.

#17. Causal Friday

#18. Slap

#19. Phone Call

#20. What’s love?

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