20 Oops Doodles Comics Shows the Daily Life With Dog and Cat

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Oops Doodles is an Instagram account that follows the adventures of having a cat and a dog. This comic series captures the hilarious dynamic between a high-energy dog and a sassy cat. He also shows the challenges and joys of having both pets in your life. His comic takes a more lighthearted approach, focusing on the playful and silly things between the two pets.


The creative mind behind this comic series does not share so much information. He even did not reveal his name. Because he makes comics for some time only and has a few comics on his Instagram account. That’s why he has very few followers on his Instagram account. From his few comics, we have collected some of his best for you. So that you can enjoy and make your day better if you have any pets.

Credit: Oops Doodles

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#1. No Response

image 1876

#2. Work From Home

image 1877

#3. Want Ball

image 1878

#4. Dead Mouse

image 1879

#5. Do not Touch

image 1880

#6. Gardening

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This popular webcomic occasionally features comics about the different situations faced by dog and cat owners. His signature illustration style and witty humor make these comics relatable to any pet owner. The artist basically has two pets in his home. One is a dog, and the other is a cat. He shows his daily life experiences in a relatable way.

#7. Human

image 1882

#8. To do List

image 1883

#9. Coming

image 1884

#10. New One

image 1885

#11. Bear

image 1886

#12. New Year

image 1887

#13. Finishing Touches

image 1888

#14. Hair Ball

image 1889

It’s full of funny situations that perfectly depict the personalities of these two very different pets. The artist says that the main reason to capture such moments is that others can also relate to these adorable and hilarious moments. He touches on a variety of relatable themes, including the joys and challenges of pet ownership. Overall, his comics are relatable to those who once had a cat or any dog in their lives.

#15. Makeup

image 1898

#16. Books

image 1897

#17. Help

image 1900

#18. Record

image 1901

#19. Finally Came

image 1902

#20. Last Piece

image 1903

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