20 Temper and Sentience Comics Based on the Adventures of a Devil and His Robot

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Temper and Sentience is an Instagram account created by an anonymous artist. This comic series follows the adventures of a devil named Temper and his robot companion, Sentience. Despite their contrasting personalities, the devil and the robot form a bond, perhaps exploring the power of friendship in unexpected places. His comics are known for their dark humor and relatable characters.


Temper’s fiery nature clashes with Sentience’s logic, possibly representing a story about finding balance within oneself. Despite the lack of an official website, the comic has garnered a dedicated fanbase, likely due to its relatable characters and dark humor. He currently has an audience of 1,638 followers on his Instagram account. You can check out some of his best comics in the following section.

Credit: Temper and Sentience

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#1. Afraid of Dark

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#2. Drawing

image 2056

#3. Instagram

image 2057

#4. Aliens

image 2058
image 2059

#5. Turn off the light

image 2060

#6. Received the order

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The Devil is tempered. Temper is described as a sarcastic and sadly guy. he may be evil, but he seems more irritated than calm. The robot is sensitive. Sentience balances Temper’s negativity as a loyal and upbeat friend. A major source of humor in the comic is their relationship. Sentience’s continuous optimism raises questions about whether it’s a programmed or if it’s genuine.

#7. Repay

image 2062

#8. Paradise

image 2063

#9. Crying

image 2064

#10. A day at the rock museum

image 2065

#11. Fire Works

image 2066
image 2067

#12. Be Patient

image 2068

#13. Watch Your Step

image 2069

#14. Pizza

image 2070

#15. Not Really

image 2071

His comics address potentially dark themes like the devil’s life and the meaningless nature of existence with a humorous point of view. Sentience’s positive attitude and Temper’s continuous complaints lead to humorous scenarios. Readers find temper and sense relatable, regardless of their fantasy nature. Temper’s frustration with everyday situations resonates, while Sentience’s eternal optimism provides a humorous laugh to everyone who enjoys his comics.

#16. Some Food

image 2072

#17. Landed

image 2073

#18. Fire Ants

image 2075

#19. What happened?

image 2076

#20. Rainbow River

image 2078

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