20 Boob Comics Perfectly Sums Up The Teenage Girls Struggles

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Teenage girls face a unique set of challenges, from body image issues to social pressures to academic stresses. These comics capture those experiences in a way that resonates with teenage girls, making them feel understood and seen. Teenage girls can feel accepted and more committed when they share these familiar scenarios. That’s why we bring you such a new collection of comics.


Let me introduce you to an Instagram account with the username Boob Comics. She is the artist who creates relatable comic stuff for girls. Basically, she captures girls struggles and turns them into funny situations, making them seem less terrifying and more manageable. She currently has an audience of 10,000 followers on her Instagram account. You will feel relatable by scrolling down the following gallery.

Credit: Boob Comics

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#1. Emotions

image 1973

#2. So True

image 1974

#3. Eye Liner

image 1975

#4. Everyone Annoys

image 1976

#5. Cooking

image 1977

#6. Productivity

image 1978

Basically, she draws on her own experiences of navigating friendships, body image issues, and academic pressures. Because the artist feels that teenage girls’ struggles are often overlooked or downplayed in mainstream media. That’s why she creates comics to give these experiences a voice and show the world the complexities of being a teenage girl.

#7. Endless Cycle

image 1979

#8. New Hair

image 1980

#9. Pins

image 1981

#10. Periods

image 1982

#11. Hate Sharing

image 1983

#12. True Story

image 1984
image 1985

#13. Mask

image 1986

#14. Washing Dishes

image 1987

She also creates some comics that touch on broader societal issues that teenage girls face, like gender stereotypes or unrealistic beauty standards. By bringing humor to these topics, her comics can spark conversations and raise awareness. Her ideas come from the experiences of teenage girls themselves or from creators who understand their struggles. This authenticity makes the situations depicted feel real and relatable.

#15. Having Baby

image 1988

#16. Watching TV

image 1989

#17. Growing Up

image 1990

#18. Family Gatherings

image 1991

#19. Sad

image 1992

#20. Drawing Hands

image 1993

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