20 Nids Comics Shows the Struggles Faced Being a Girl in a Relatable Way

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A highly skilled female artist named Nida started the Instagram account Nids Comics. She is a comic book artist who uses jokes to portray relevant events. She is a well-known freelance illustrator who has created several works of art. Her comics center on a twenty-year-old girl’s everyday challenges and awkward moments, which are common experiences for young adult girls.


A character who resembles her experiences in her comics, such as the awkward situations, anxieties, and comedy typical of teenagers and young adults. On social media, she has 1,124 followers on Facebook and Instagram. She primarily shares her comics on Instagram, although they are also available on Facebook. A selection of her finest illustrations can be found in the following section. If you are a girl, you can relate to her comics.

Credit: Nids Comics

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#1. Sales Season

image 1856

#2. Creativity decided to step out for bit

image 1857

#3. How is the heatwave treating you?

image 1858

#4. Know me to well

image 1859

#5. Marriage

image 1860

#6. My Relationship with High heels

image 1861

Early in 2017, she began her career in the comics world. Starting a webcomic series is something she would never have considered. That’s why it wasn’t scheduled. She began drawing and creating comics as a way to pass the time after work or school. Ultimately, it turned into a passion, and she decided to commit the rest of her life to creating comics.

#7. Cheese Cake

image 1862

#8. Stress

image 1863

#9. Messages

image 1864

#10. Interview

image 1865

#11. Just Married

image 1866

#12. Goal Smasher

image 1867

#13. Teaching

image 1868

#14. Cut it

image 1869

Her comics capture the very spirit of the teenage years, particularly the struggles that young people experience. Her comedy goes into the discomfort of daily existence, our mutual inner dialogues, and the challenges of maturing. You have certainly enjoyed this blog if you are experiencing this phase as well. See our website for further posts to make your mood better.

#15. Holiday Season

image 1870

#16. Break

image 1871

#17. Marriage

image 1872

#18. Diet

image 1873

#19. Drama

image 1874

#20. Career Life

image 1875

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