20 Mooshoo Comics Based on Cute Moments That Happen in Relationships

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Cute relationship moments are a perfect source of inspiration for heartwarming and funny comics. These comics depict everyday moments couples experience, sparking a sense of recognition in readers. Seeing a situation mirrored in a comic can be heartwarming and bring a smile to our faces because it reminds us of our own relationships. So, we are here to discuss an artist who makes such comics.


Allow me to present Mooshoo Comics. This Instagram account is famous for cute comics about her relationship with her husband. She believes that even though she has only been drawing romantic comics for a short time, they are clearly based on actual happenings. She has 73,000 Instagram followers. If you are in a committed relationship, you can undoubtedly relate to some of the situations and common problems that this female artist portrays.

Credit: Mooshoo Comics

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#1. Foodie

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#2. One Time

image 2036

#3. Another Episode

image 2037

#4. Hug

image 2038

#5. Thinking about Food

image 2039

#6. Repeat after me

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Her comics are mostly based on two characters with the names Mooshoo and Shooshoo. The artist describes herself as Mooshoo and her husband as Shooshoo. They both do adorable things in their daily lives, and she then captures those moments in her comics. The main motivation for starting this comic series is that the artist herself has a love for drawing.

#7. What’s wrong?

image 2041

#8. Good

image 2042

#9. Gift

image 2043

#10. More

image 2044

#11. Chocolate

image 2045

#12. So True

image 2046

#13. Trying to Impress

image 2047

#14. Ice-cream

image 2048

She simply wants to draw realistic comics as a hobby and a way to record the lives of a beautiful couple. She really wishes she could draw, though, as seen by the doodles she posts on Instagram. The artist says the inspiration for her sweet and funny drawings came from her life. She is really close to her partner. If you are in a relationship or have previously been in one, her comics are definitely entertaining.

#15. Holiday Season

image 2049

#16. Stealing

image 2051

#17. Not Anymore

image 2050

#18. Let me Win

image 2052

#19. Can’t Sleep

image 2053

#20. Unhealthy

image 2054

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