20 Delimagination Comics Full of Clever Jokes to Tickle Your Funny Bone

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Comics are a special kind of media because they can make humor by combining images with words. A joke can be made more effective by using unexpected visuals, hilarious scenarios, and facial emotions. Comic book logic and excessive facial expressions might contribute to the humor of the piece of writing. By using these elements effectively, comics based on clever jokes can deliver a satisfying laugh that’s both funny and interesting.


That’s why we bring a similar type of artist to you to make your day better. The artist goes by the username Delimagination on his Instagram account. The sad news is that the artist made comics for some time only, and now he has stopped creating new comics. Due to this, his account is not able to gain so much popularity. From his few comics, we collected some for you.

Credit: Delimagination

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#1. Beat me

image 1953

#2. Try This

image 1954

#3. Love God

image 1955

#4. Deepest Fear

image 1956

#5. These nights are the best

image 1957

#6. Please stop

image 1958

According to the artist, laughing at these circumstances might help people decompress and feel smarter because it draws attention to how ridiculous the circumstances are. He goes on to state that his goal is to use language in a way that is intelligent enough to produce a humorous secondary meaning. Seeing how well-known phrases or words have been twisted adds humor to the situation.

#7. Dog emergency

image 1959

#8. When you care about the community

image 1960

#9. Good luck

image 1961

#10. Respawn

image 1962

#11. Video Game

image 1963

#12. Sleep

image 1964

#13. Reflection

image 1965

#14. Never Finish

image 1966

He says that even the most absurd situations can be funny if we connect with the characters experiencing them. The way his joke is visually presented and the characters’ expressions greatly enhance the humor. Due to which his comics never fail to amuse people all around the world. If you also find his comics interesting, then do not forget to share them.

#15. Online Stream

image 1967

#16. Good Twist

image 1968

#17. Last Game

image 1969

#18. The human under the bed

image 1970

#19. Grand Parents

image 1971

#20. Introvert’s struggle

image 1972

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