20 Agnes the Witch Comics by a Girl Who Tries Her Best to Learn Magic

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We are here to discuss a comic series named Agnes the Witch. It is an Instagram account that is famous for creating comics about her being a girl who tries her best to learn magic. It is based on a heartwarming and humorous story about the challenges and triumphs of a young witch. The brilliant mind behind this comic series is a female artist. She lives in a remote forest in England, where she is trying her best to learn magic and to be a good person.


It is a delightful comic series following the adventures of a young girl with grand dreams and a not-so-natural talent for magic. Her comics are mostly based on herself, along with the onion character, which is mostly seen in her comics. Basically, she shows her own experiences in the comics, which are a heartwarming and humorous tale perfect for all people.

Credit: Agnes the Witch

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#1. Online Tutorial

image 2015

#2. Onion

image 2016

#3. Free

image 2017

#4. Knock Knock

image 2018

#5. Grand Mother

image 2019

#6. Little Angel

image 2020

She uses her magic to help others, even if the results are less than perfect. She’s a bright-eyed optimist whose passion for magic exceeds her real talent. Her determination can be seen in every panel as she attempts to make potions that leave more smoke than sparkle and tackles spell books that are older than she is.

#7. Dark

image 2021

#8. Beautiful Day

image 2022

#9. Hilarious

image 2023

#10. Perspective

image 2024

#11. Social Distance

image 2025

#12. Future

image 2026

#13. Tricks

image 2027

#14. Magic Word

image 2028

Through her misadventures, Agnes learns valuable lessons about friendship, perseverance, and the importance of self-acceptance. Even though the path to becoming a skilled witch is filled with difficult paths, each comic represents a step on the journey. Her comics show that the journey is just as important as the destination and that laughter is the best magic of all.

#15. Stepler

image 2029

#16. Learning

image 2030

#17. Opportunity

image 2031

#18. Onion Rings

image 2032

#19. Much Longer

image 2033

#20. Enjoying

image 2034

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