20 Cold Bagel Comics Based on Dark and Weird Situations to Giggle You

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The way artists portray the weird and dark is very creative. They create humor through the use of weird forms of art, strange character designs, or smart wordplay. Understanding the creativity improves the comic’s enjoyment in an even  different way. It’s important to remember that humor is subjective. What makes one person laugh could make another uncomfortable.


However, we also have another collection of these illustrations on our blog for people who like them. Let me introduce Cold Bagel Comics. It is the Instagram account that is famous for creating content based on dark and weird situations. The artist behind this comic series does not have so much popularity because of a lack of time and inconsistency. But his comics are worth watching, which you can enjoy by keeping scrolling.

Credit: Cold Bagel Comics

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#1. Miss

image 1994

#2. Starting to Lose

image 1995

#3. Grocery Store

image 1996

#4. Milk

image 1997

#5. Cow Boys

image 1998

#6. New Glasses

image 1999

The artist says that life can be tough, and sometimes humor is the best way to deal with the darkness. He uses his comics as a way to deal with his own anxieties and fears in a lighthearted way. That’s why he started this comic series as a hobby. Later on, when he becomes confident and goes back to his working life, he does not have enough time to make comics.

#7. Music

image 2000

#8. Ice Cubes

image 2001

#9. Budget Cuts

image 2002

#10. Code

image 2003

#11. Good Time

image 2004

#12. What’s Wrong?

image 2005

#13. Mask

image 2006

#14. Hobbies

image 2008

Due to this, he has to quit making new comics. But the comics he created are fabulous and fantastic. He always uses a four-panel format for his comics. When you see his comics, you will get a good laugh due to the surprising twists in every story. After enjoying this blog, do not forget to share it with others. So that others can also enjoy and have a good laugh.

#15. Song

image 2009

#16. Honest Work

image 2010

#17. Wearing Socks

image 2011

#18. Water Melon

image 2012

#19. Seminar

image 2013

#20. Angry

image 2014

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