Stardust Twins Creates Long Comic Strips About Relationship Life With Cat (29 Pics)

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Stardust Twins is an Instagram account that is famous for making long comic strips based on a curious couple who believe in magic. The creative mind behind this comic series is Davide Wolf Valente. It chronicles the experiences and adventures of his daily life with his partner and a cat. Basically, the artist creates comics based on his partner and his cat while doing silly things in his daily life.


His comics touch on a variety of relatable themes, including the joys and challenges of pet ownership, particularly how a cat can become a furry third wheel in a couple’s relationship. Although he has a very small audience, his comics are worth watching. You can definitely relate to the following collection of galleries if you have ever been in a relationship or have a cat.

Credit: Stardust Twins

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#1. Birthday

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He perfectly captures the mischievous and food-obsessed nature of many cats, sometimes causing trouble in his married life. His comics mirror the everyday challenges and awkward moments we face in our own relationships. They highlight the communication gaps, silly fights, and unexpected quirks that make relationships both frustrating and funny.

#2. Life with Cat

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He claims that because cats are naturally strange creatures, their acts are made funnier by drawing bubbles of thought or making excessive gestures. The amusement is enhanced by their casual attitude towards humans. Everyone can relate to the joys and struggles of relationships. His comics offer a cheerful approach to accepting difficulties, enjoying married life, and having a cat.

#3. Familiar

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#4. Dad

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image 1946

#5. The First Spell

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