20 Akoodles Comics Shows the Struggles Faced by Girls While Growing Up

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We’re here today to discuss an artist who makes somewhat proficient comics about girly situations. Akansha Choudhury is an Indian creator of the web comic Akoodles. This popular Instagram comic series is well-known for its honest and humorous representations of everyday life, especially as seen by women. She says that comics depicting the lives of girls were frequently posted on her Instagram account.


By producing informative posts for her audience, she has gained 22,100 Instagram followers. She regularly assumes the lead role in her comics, skillfully managing the highs and lows of everyday life. Her comics humorously illustrate the complex nature of relationships, from the difficulty of dating to the pleasures of friendship. Her comics are definitely relatable to girls. You must continue scrolling to explore the next part of this.

Credit: Akoodles

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#1. Loving

image 1904

#2. Vaccinated

image 1905

#3. Internet Trick

image 1906

#4. Thigh Gaps

image 1907

#5. Skin Textures

image 1908

#6. Worthy of Love

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She does not hold back when illustrating the difficulties with taking care of oneself, but she additionally offers humor and support to help readers accept their flaws. The primary intention behind depicting such circumstances is to demonstrate how many females believe they are not alone in their challenges.

#7. Fitting

image 1910

#8. Anxious

image 1911

#9. Flat

image 1912

#10. Romantic

image 1913

#11. Cherish

image 1914

#12. Little Girl

image 1915

#13. Persisted

image 1916

#14. Sorted

image 1917

#15. Society

image 1918

She mostly draws body-positive comics that inspire readers to value and love their bodies in all forms and sizes. Her comics normalize the conversation by honestly discussing menstruation and the difficulties it might bring. She also examines social media from a humorous angle, pointing out both its advantages and disadvantages. However, after reading these comics, their perspectives will undoubtedly shift. And they’ll begin to think with greater confidence.

#16. Mental Health

image 1919

#17. Working

image 1920

#18. Loosing Weight

image 1921

#19. Diet

image 1922

#20. Fat

image 1923

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