20 Artworks by Moga Feature Themes of Self-Care and Everyday Life




Artworks that feature themes of self-care and everyday life have a unique ability to amuse and uplift us by connecting with our own experiences and emotions. Art that portrays everyday scenarios and self-care activities often resonates deeply with viewers. Seeing these comforting moments represented in art can evoke feelings of nostalgia and coziness, which amuse us and make us smile. When we recognize ourselves in these scenes, it creates an immediate sense of connection and amusement. It’s as if the artist is saying, “You’re not alone in experiencing this!”

Meg Adams is an artist whose creative works prominently feature themes of self-care and everyday life. Through her art, she skillfully captures moments of solace, introspection, and the simple joys of existence. In this article, we’ll explore Moga’s artistry and how she imparts messages of self-care and relatable daily experiences in her work. You can also check out some of her recent artwork by clicking here and here.

Credit: Art by Moga

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#1. Stand On Your Own

#2. Depression

#3. Not a bad person

#4. My Fault

#5. You’re Right!

#6. Different Shapes

Art by Moga is the name used by Meg Adams, a comic artist based in Bend, Oregon. She is known for her humorous and relatable comics, which often feature themes of self-care, mental health, and everyday life. Meg Adams has a website, artbymoga.com, where she sells her artwork and merchandise. She is an American comic artist and author. The comic follows the musings of Adams, who describes herself as a “happily married, very depressed, anxiety-filled, bisexual, Halloween-obsessed extrovert.”

#7. Potato Soup

#8. Commander Banana

#9. Human Crying

#10. Relatable

#11. Hunted

#12. Can’t Poop

Adams started Art by Moga in 2016, and the comic has since become a popular destination for fans of webcomics, mental health comics, and everyday humor. She has an audience of 477,000 followers on Instagram. Art by Moga has been praised for its honesty, relatability, and positive messages. Her comics often feature a distinctive art style with bold lines and bright colors. Meg Adams’ work has been praised for its relatability and humor, with many fans expressing gratitude for her ability to make them feel seen and understood.

#13. Shadow Fang

#14. Famous Dad Squint

#15. Intend to Hurt

#16. Darkness

#17. Alcoholic vs Sobriety

#18. What’s Wrong?

#19. How Tan?

#20. Exercise

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