By “Art by Moga”, Here are the 20 Brilliant illustrations That Every Girl Can relate to

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The majority of us enjoy reading comics because they are never dull. In actuality, they can assist us in reducing tension and stress in daily life. Essentially, it serves as mental therapy. Many artists work day and night to put a smile on our faces. Their primary goal is to make us joyful so that we may put our troubles behind us and begin to think positively.


The creator of the webcomic series “Art By Moga” comics is “Meg Adams”. She creates amusing, relatable drawings based on her daily activities. She lives in Bend, Oregon, with her husband, Carson, and her two dogs, Boedy and Luna. The majority of the comics have a lighthearted undertone, although Meg occasionally adds some serious comments. Common themes include encouragement to stay true to oneself, self-acceptance, and self-love. She currently has family of 494,000 fans on her Instagram account.

Since 2013, the creator has produced comics. Her husband, their dog, Boedy, and these comics are all about them. Your day will undoubtedly be made better by the comic artist’s relatable illustrations. She defines herself as a cocoa-drinking, cat-snuggling comic artist. In the section that follows, we’ve gathered some of her most impressive drawings. The comics can be viewed by scrolling down to the section below. Great day to you!

Credit: Art by Moga

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