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In the vast realm of cartoonists, there are those whose works transcend the boundaries of mere entertainment and enter the realm of thought-provoking art. Among these visionaries is the immensely talented Japanese cartoonist, Keigo. Renowned for his ability to create captivating illustrations that delve into deep and often philosophical themes, Keigo has captured the hearts and minds of both avid manga enthusiasts and art connoisseurs worldwide.

He is better known for his webcomic series, K5fuwa. Keigo’s illustrations possess a distinct quality that sets them apart from mainstream manga and anime. While his contemporaries often focus on action-packed adventures or lighthearted storytelling, Keigo takes a different path, delving into the complexities of the human condition. His thought-provoking illustrations explore themes such as identity, existentialism, societal norms, and the blurred boundaries between reality and imagination. He has 1.1 million Instagram followers.

Keigo’s proficiency is evident in both his talent as an artist and his skill in creating complex narratives that are seamlessly woven into his paintings. He writes gripping tales that keep readers thinking long after they’ve finished the book. He challenges social standards and makes readers reevaluate their own views and ideals by digging into the depths of the human psyche. In his funny comics, Japanese artist Keigo tried to imagine the issues a sloth would encounter on a daily basis. Check out the funny challenges people would encounter in daily life in the photo below, from blowing out candles to performing magic tricks!

Credit: K5fuwa

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#1. Not KFC

#2. Wanted

#3. Congratulations!

#4. The clothes are burned

#5. Poor orange

#6. Pizza time

#7. Different perspective

#8. Nice strategy

#9. Massage

#10. At least he turned the lights on

#11. Behind the scenes

#12. Sleep

#13. Poor superman

#14. Hilarious

#15. What a shot!

#16. Scary

#17. Look

#18. So tall

#19. Repel each other

#20. Love

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