20 Times Cartoonist Charlie Higson Makes His Fans Laugh Through Dark Humor

If you are bored with regular humor and want to enjoy something amusing and hilarious, then you have come to the right place. We are back with another collection of comics by a well-known Instagram account named Heck If I Know Comics. It is a web comic created by a brilliant artist whose good name is Charlie Higson. He is the artist who creates the majority of the comics that have surprising twists and unpredictable endings.

His comics are known for dark humor and dry wit. His comics are typically multi-panel illustrations with captions that deliver the punchline. By making comics on such topics, he is able to amass an audience of 39,200 followers on his Instagram account. This is because of his fantastic sense of humor. If you are a fan of dark humor, you must scroll down and enjoy the gallery below.

Credit: Heck If I Know Comics

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#1. Dance like your soul is broken

#2. Dragon

#3. Stepping Back


#4. Rejection Show

#5. Head Massage

#6. Bath Tub


Because his primary goal is to capture the attention of as many people as possible, he creates comics based on what appeals to people’s minds. For this, he reads the comment section whenever he uploads comics to check the feedback of others. Then he tries his best to make comics next time. So that the maximum number of people can enjoy his comics.

#7. New Shirt

#8. Batman

#9. Dad


#10. Ladies

#11. Ticket

#12. Every Time


#13. Society

#14. The Future

His comic style is based on four-panel to multi-panel. He further says that when he reads the comment section, there is also positive and negative feedback. He says positive feedback brings a smile to his face while he tries to do his best to turn these negative comments into good ones. Please comment and share this blog with others. So that they can also read these comics to make their day better.

#15. Bring it in


#16. Children Hiding

#17. Adventures

#18. Pants Back


#19. Apocalypses

#20. Dead

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