20 Planet Prudence Comics Shows Struggles of Women and Social Pressures

Planet Prudence is a web comic series created by a female illustrator whose name is Prudence Geerts. She started this comic series in 2015. She is the artist who explores the everyday struggles of women, from body image to social pressures. Her comics focus on relatable themes for women, often with a touch of humor and self-deprecation. Her 658,000 followers find great enjoyment in her humorous and relatable drawings that center on girl problems.


She is the artist who isn’t afraid to make comics based on societal pressures and unrealistic beauty standards. She covers issues that many women may relate to, from challenges with adulting to fears about one’s body image. The artist creates comics in an honest way. Whether it was about the internal fight about wearing leggings or the discomfort of receiving unwanted guidance, you can relate to her comics. If you are a girl, then you must watch her best comics by scrolling down.

Credit: Planet Prudence

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#1. Self Esteem Challenges


#2. Two Moods


#3. Struggling

#4. Self Love


#5. Relationship

#6. Working Out


She challenges stereotypes about women, body image, and other topics using comics and visuals. The main focus is on the pressure women experience to meet beauty standards. Her illustrations are usually straightforward, with a few important elements that perfectly express the feelings and experiences of the characters. The main objective of her comics is to raise public awareness of these issues.

#7. Book Lovers

#8. Mad Woman


#9. Falling Behind

#10. Relatable


#11. Outfit

#12. Driving to a friend


#13. Victim


#14. Relief

#15. Choice


She is mostly active on her Instagram account, where she interacts with her audience and shares behind-the-scenes views into her creative process. Although her comics are funny, Planet Prudence’s main message is one of empowerment. By showing real women and their experiences, she encourages readers to accept themselves, flaws and all. If you want to enjoy her earlier posts on our website, then be sure to click here and here.

#16. Comfort

#17. Secret Santa


#18. Imposter Syndrome

#19. So True


#20. Depression

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