20 Comics Explore Themes of Self-acceptance and Body Image with a Touch of Absurdity

In a world where the canvas of daily life can sometimes feel like a perplexing maze, Prudence Geerts emerges as a beacon of relatability and humor, wielding her pen as a tool to paint the vibrant tapestry of human experiences. Known to her 673,000-strong following as Planet Prudence, this illustrator extraordinaire has carved a niche for herself by creating illustrations that resonate deeply with the human spirit.

Geerts’ artistic journey took flight in 2015, when she first unveiled her artwork on social media. Since then, her colorful and candid illustrations have found homes in the hearts of a vast online audience and prestigious platforms like BuzzFeed and various magazines. Her style is unmistakable—bold, thick lines intertwine with playful colors, forming a visual language that speaks volumes about life’s quirks and quandaries. You can also see her previous posts on Bored Comics by simply clicking here.

Credit: Planet Prudence

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#1. Fart

#2. Winter Fashion

#3. Raining

#4. During Period

#5. Relatable

At the heart of Geerts’ creations lies a central protagonist: herself. Through her drawings, she navigates the tumultuous seas of daily existence, transforming mundane moments into relatable and often uproarious anecdotes. Alongside her, a constant companion makes appearances—the feline confidant, a source of solace and comic relief in her vibrant world. What captivates her audience isn’t just the artistic finesse but the inherent relatability woven into each stroke of her pen. Geerts’ illustrations aren’t just images; they’re reflections of universal truths. They delve into the caverns of self-doubt, the labyrinth of anxiety, and the labyrinthine intricacies of relationships—territories familiar to many.

#6. Shaving

#7. Motivation

#8. Be Kind

#9. Holidays

#10. Just Dancing

But what sets Geerts apart is her ability to infuse these themes with levity. Her art offers a lighthearted lens through which to view life’s complexities, making the daunting seem more approachable. In a stroke of genius, she amplifies the volume of self-love and acceptance, advocating for a more inclusive society that celebrates the kaleidoscope of shapes, sizes, and individualities.

#11. Perspectives

#12. Showers

#13. Ever Faced?

#14. Pregnant

In the symphony of her illustrations, Geerts orchestrates a chorus of body positivity, encouraging all to embrace their uniqueness. Her drawings depict bodies in all their diversity, adorned with messages echoing the anthem of self-acceptance. With each stroke, she contributes to fostering a culture that cherishes differences and revels in the beauty of being authentically oneself.

#15. Cleavage

#16. Moving

#17. White Tops

For those who seek solace in relatable moments and chuckle at the familiar struggles of life, Geerts’ gallery of illustrations stands as a testament. Her art isn’t just about lines and colors; it’s a mirror reflecting the kaleidoscope of human experiences. As we peruse her curated collection of the top illustrations, it becomes evident that Geerts isn’t just an artist—she’s a storyteller, weaving tales of humanity with her vibrant palette and wit. Her work isn’t confined to the frames of a canvas; it spills over into hearts and minds, resonating with the collective consciousness of her audience.

#18. Belly

#19. Armpit Hair

#20. Straight Hair

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