20 Bumpy & Braces Comics About a Couple Who Shows Their Adorable Moments

Comics about couples are well-liked because they illustrate the charming, humorous, and adorable aspects of romantic relationships. Any type of couple, from newly engaged to long-term partners, can be their focus. These adorable comics capture the everyday moments of living with each other. This is what an Instagram account named Bumpy & Braces creates for people all over the world.


The artist behind this comic series is not well known. That’s why they do not have a large audience on their Instagram account. They describe themselves as Brump and Braces. Brumpy is the male character, and Braces is the female character in their comics. They both do silly and adorable things, which makes their comics more interesting. If you are a couple, then you must watch their best comics in the next section.

Credit: Bumpy & Braces

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#1. Blanket Thief


#2. Favorite Character


#3. Dreams

#4. When you are watching your Favorite TV Series and your battery just drops


#5. The best things in life are free

#6. One of the the greatest mysteries in the universe


Even though she works at a beauty salon, she mentioned that. But as a hobby and a way to record their lives as a charming pair, her partner wants to create relatable illustrations. But her husband really wishes he could draw the drawings he posts on Instagram. So that everyone who is in a relationship can relate to and enjoy these moments with their partner.

#7. Bored

#8. Bike


#9. Diet

#10. Wish


#11. So true

#12. Lost In Translation


#13. Hilarious

#14. Jump Scare


#15. Shark

This comic strip features adorable illustrations of a couple’s life together, with a focus on the funny moments. You can definitely agree with some of the scenarios and typical problems that this couple shows if you are in a committed relationship. If you find their comics interesting, then do not forget to share this blog. So that others can also enjoy these comics.

#16. Apple


#17. President

#18. So close, yet so far away


#19. some things never change


#20. Some people just feel like home

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