20 One-Giant-Hand Comics Full of Dark Humor and Social Commentary

Dark humor can be shocking, making people stop and think. It makes us face hard realities and can start meaningful discussions about social concerns that are otherwise likely to be ignored. Laughing at dark jokes can create a sense of community. It shows we are all aware of the world’s problems and can find humor in a shared struggle. That’s why we bring such collections of comics to you.

One Giant Hand is a digital comic series based on dark humor and strange situations. It was created by brilliant artist Ben Ward in 1999 and features his works with a dark and absurd humor. He uses dark humor to make pointed social commentary, touching on issues like consumerism, politics, and social norms. His fans find his content always amusing. Because of this, he currently has 75,400 family members following him on Instagram. Let’s enjoy his best comics.

Credit: One Giant Hand

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#1. On Fire

#2. Stupid Baby

#3. Dead End


#4. Generation

#5. Play me a song

#6. Smart Fridge


One Giant Hand has been running since 2006 and has gained a cult following for its unique style and offbeat humor. His comics are typically multi-panel, and he explores social norms and the darker side of human nature. In addition to his Instagram account, One Giant Hand comics have also been published in print collections and have been featured in exhibitions.

#7. Go to a hospital

#8. Leg Caught

#9. Press Conference


#10. That’s Good

#11. Democratic Debate

#12. Time to retire


#13. Stupid Car

#14. Death

#15. Farm


He claims that some viewers might think the humor of really funny comics to be dark or offensive. However, because the majority of his readers are fans of black humor, they like his comics and leave positive reviews in the comment box. Check out some of his earlier works on our website by clicking here if you like dark comedy and illustrations that address serious subjects in a humorous way.

#16. Get a tattoo

#17. Big Foot

#18. Zoo


#19. Office

#20. Holiness

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