20 Times Artist Shares His Hilarious Adventures Working in a Restaurant Life

Aaron Armishaw is a Calgary-based comic artist who creates comics based on a unique perspective on life through his slice-of-life and diary comics. His work combines two seemingly contrasting themes. The fast-paced world of restaurant life and the introspective journey of mental health. He describes himself on his Instagram bio as an artist who creates slice-of-life and diary comics about restaurant life and mental health.

He is the artist who chooses different themes for his comics to differentiate from other artists. The artist titled his Instagram account based on his name, Aaron Comics. He draws inspiration from his experiences working in the restaurant industry. He captures the moments between servers during a rush and the satisfaction of a perfectly plated dish. That’s why his comics are so enjoyable to those who have ever worked in a restaurant.

Credit: Aaron Comics

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#1. Can’t wait to eat

#2. Big Butt


#3. Bud Light Please

#4. Distracted

#5. Rainbow


#6. How’s Your day?

While working in a restaurant, he also creates his personal journey with mental health. He uses comics as a tool for self-expression, perhaps sharing his experiences with anxiety or depression in a relatable and hilarious way. He says he does this in order to make his mind relax after a lot of struggle in the restaurant and a busy schedule.

#7. Hike

#8. It was Terrible


#9. Holiday Shopping

#10. Intrusive Thoughts

#11. Anxiety


#12. Grab me a Napkin

#13. Pizza Steps

#14. Good Job


#15. The next Day

From funny customer interactions to the behind-the-scenes hustle, his work shows a look into this fast-paced world. His comics are always funny and enjoyable. He always creates comics in a four-panel format. If you find the artist’s work amazing, then share it with others as well. For more such amazing content, visit our website on a regular basis and also recommend this website to others. Have a great time.

#16. Fork


#17. Hikers


#18. Relatable

#19. Break it


#20. Gas Prices


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