20 Times Artist Jamila Shows the Adventures of Her Roommates Living in New York City

One in Jamillion is a web comic created by a female artist whose good name is Jamila. It follows the story of a group of roommates living in New York City. Her comics are known for their humor, relatable characters, and positive portrayal of multiculturalism. She and her roommates come from different backgrounds and have different personalities. But they live together and face struggles and joys while living in a new city.

But they all face challenges that young adults can relate to, such as finding a job, paying rent, and dealing with relationships. Despite the challenges that she and her rommates face, her comics generally have a positive outlook on life. She shows friendship, community, and the importance of following your dreams. She has 24,200 Instagram followers. You can check out her best comics in the next section.

Credit: One In Jamillion

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#1. Order

#2. Obsessed with free food

#3. Free food is the best food


#4. Autumn Games

#5. RIP

#6. Good Book


Jamila has an amazing capacity to find humor in whatever situation, transforming everyday happenings into joyful and humorous moments. Her illustrations relate to readers because they portray situations and emotions that we have all experienced at some point in our lives. The drawing’s simplicity makes it possible for readers to concentrate on the character’s interactions and feelings, putting humor at the center of the story.

#7. Halloween Costume

#8. What’s new?

#9. Pasta


#10. To do List

#11. Walk Me

#12. Dog Person


#13. Vacation

#14. Inside Joke

#15. Diet and Exercise


Along with being entertaining with humorous moments, her comics provide appealing stories that will make you feel connected to the people. Through their beautiful graphics and humorous language, Jamila invites viewers on an adventure that makes them laugh and smile in agreement with their own experiences. We hope you will smile after reading this blog. Visit our website frequently for more articles of this kind.

#16. Beach Vacation

#17. Back at Work

#18. Period


#19. So Relatable

#20. Nails

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