20 Shreya Doodles Based on Adorable Moments From Her Life With Her Pet

Shreya Doodles is an Instagram account that is famous for creating adorable comics. Shreya Kundu is the name of the female artist who is the owner of this comic series. She creates comics while also being a visual designer. Shreya draws inspiration for her comics from her daily life and her observations. She mostly creates comics with her pet while doing adorable things with each other.


She started making comics somewhere around the beginning of 2017 to express her kind of humor. Which mostly revolves around a random combination of weird and cute. Her interest in creating web comics came from her desire to simplify and transform her ideas into small and understandable doodles. She currently has 183,000 Instagram followers. Her finest comics are included in the section below.

Credit: Shreya Doodles

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#1. Become a hero


#2. Doggo really needed it


#3. Adorable

#4. Small Hands


#5. Lovely View

#6. Quick Nap


She says that she goes to art school or takes classes to master her artistic skills. She also learns through practice and by studying the work of other comic creators. At first, she starts by making short comics or strips for herself and for friends. Later on, she shares her drawings by creating many social media accounts.

#7. Soup

#8. Grow Up


#9. Girlfriend

#10. Better Life


#11. Good Boy

#12. Hilarious


#13. Little Things

Shreya has wanted to gain popularity since her childhood. She wants to do something that makes her popular and well known among people. Her comics turn out the way they should. By working hard, she has made a name for herself in the world of comics. This is all by making comics on events from her daily life, nature, and the actions of the people she sees around, which inspires her to make these comics.

#14. Honesty


#15. The sad life of my chair

#16. The effort was worth it


#17. Lizard got a job

#18. About Life


#19. Teeth

#20. Seeking some inspiration


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