An Artist Creates 20 Thought-Provoking Comics That Expose the Social Injustices Faced by People




Thought-provoking comics that address social injustices are gaining popularity on social media platforms like Instagram, where artists can use their creative skills to raise awareness and encourage dialogue about important issues. Social injustices are a pervasive and complex problem that affects millions of people around the world. Fortunately, there are artists and creators who use their talent to raise awareness and start important conversations about these issues. These comics often tackle topics such as racism, sexism, inequality, and human rights violations. 

Blobby and Friends is a popular Instagram account run by an anonymous artist who creates comics that explore various social issues and injustices in a humorous and relatable way. The comics typically feature Blobby, a round and friendly-looking character, and a cast of other colorful characters who navigate through everyday situations with a comedic twist. What sets Blobby and Friends apart is the way the artist tackles serious topics such as mental health, racism, and sexism, using humor and satire to deliver an impactful message.

The comics also touch on themes of self-care, body positivity, and the importance of community support. Many of the comics are based on personal experiences, and the artists’ honesty and vulnerability shine through in their work. The use of relatable characters and situations allows readers to connect with the message in a deeper way, and the humor adds a lightness to difficult topics that can often feel heavy and overwhelming. He has gained a large following on Instagram, with over 513,000 followers, and the artist continues to create thought-provoking and entertaining comics that spark important conversations and inspire positive change.

You can also check some of his previous posts on boredcomics by clicking here, here and here.

Credit: Blobby and Friends

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#1. Wish to look like my parents

#2. Who would have thought?

#3. The most airplane bathrooms are not accessible for people with wheelchair

#4. Is it weird?

#5. Gender reveal party!

#6. Please normalize men crying

#7. Was it something l said?

#8. Did mom yell at you again?

#9. Still single

#10. Your skirt is too short

#11. Technology!

#12. In a different universe

#13. Next time punk kid

#14. Sounds like heaven

#15. Life is too short!

#16. Trying not to feel homicidal

#17. Such a pain

#18. It’s just a coincidence

#19. Ever happened to you?

#20. Is that how it works?

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