20 Times Female Artist Cassandra Calin Shares Her Struggles as a Girl

We are about to discuss the artist, who is famous for making comics, based on the difficulties she faces on a daily basis. The artist’s good name is Cassandra Calin. Her hair is naturally curly, which makes it difficult to style, and her comics tend to highlight the humorous and occasionally annoying situations that arise from it. She has high aspirations for herself, and her comics humorously examine the difference between those expectations and reality. 

She is a cartoonist who creates comics about her daily life. Her comics are known for being relatable and humorous, often highlighting the funny side of everyday experiences. Her main focus is capturing the gap between expectation and reality. She gained a sizable following as a result, with 2.6 million Instagram followers and 2 million Facebook followers. In the following section, let’s have a look at her most recent comics.

Credit: Cassandra Calin

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#1. Hairless Legs

#2. Hair Salons


#3. Shopping

#4. Full Day Working


#5. Hair Style

#6. Date


She is a brilliant comic book artist who is famous for being able to perfectly capture the spirit of the daily lives of women and girls. She is a popular illustrator and cartoonist who draws drawings based on her real-life experiences. It humorously and wisely records her relationships, daily adventures, and life. Her comics address issues like managing curly hair and dealing with others.

#7. Shopping for vitamins

#8. Morning


#9. Unknown Caller


#10. Gorgeous

#11. Thick Hair


#12. Period Commercials

#13. Incoming Call


#14. Favorite part of the day


She perfectly depicts the genuine difficulties and successes of young adulthood. Despite being quiet, she observed the world around her and captured it in her drawings. She Shares All of Her Personal Experiences, Positive and Negative, Without Keeping Down. Her comics present an original and sincere view of life. You can also click HereHereHere And Here to view her previous articles on our website.

#15. Driving

#16. Sore Arms


#18. Trying to braid my own hair


#19. So True

#20. Watching Movie

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