Romanian Artist “Cassandra Calin” Beautifully Captures Women’s Everyday Problems

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Being a woman can be difficult, and the fact is that women face daily problems. Cassandra Calin, a cartoonist, and illustrator from Montreal use a series of loosely autobiographical comics to depict the difficulties of being a woman. Fortunately for guys, they won’t ever have to worry about everything from dealing with terrible hair days and choosing the ideal bra to painful periods and makeup issues. Girls, however, do not enjoy the same luxury.


She says, “I make humorous cartoons based on my experiences, issues, and daily life.” I like making fun of how awkward I am, the ridiculous situations I get into, and whining about pointless setbacks like having curly hair from birth. She has written picture books and frequently posts stories on Tapas. She has more than 2.6 million Instagram followers and 2 million Facebook followers.

Overall, because every woman is different, what one woman considers a significant issue may not be to another. Through her “slice of life comedy” comics, Calin depicts humorous instances from her personal life. She captures the humor of typical incidents that most girls can relate to in adorable black-and-white paintings. The section that follows includes some of her best drawings. I hope every woman can click on and enjoy these comics.

Credit: Cassandra Calin

More info: Instagram | Website | Facebook


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