Everyday Struggles Faced by Girls are Perfectly Shown in 20 Wholesome Comics by Canadian Artist 

Comics about everyday girl problems have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many artists using their platform to shed light on the struggles and experiences faced by women. From body image to relationships to mental health, these comics provide a relatable and humorous perspective on the challenges of being a woman in today’s world. Similarly, there is an artist who creates relatable comics about sufi topics. Her good name is Cassandra Calin

She is a Canadian artist and illustrator who has amassed an enormous 2.6 million followers on Instagram thanks to her witty and relatable comics about daily life. Cassandra was born in 1995, grew up in Montreal, and studied illustration and graphic design at Dawson College there. The ability of Cassandra’s artwork to catch the insignificant moments of life and transform them into something significant and relatable has won praise. Her comics bring much-needed levity and comedy to a world that can sometimes feel stressful and overwhelming.

Relationships, body image, and mental health are just a few of the many subjects she tackles in her cartoons. Her writing is renowned for its candor and openness, as well as for its capacity to make readers feel heard and understood. Her comics serve as a source of consolation and assurance for her fans because her characters frequently express thoughts and emotions that many people can identify with. Cassandra continues to be relatable and down to earth, despite her accomplishments. She frequently uses her platform to fight for underrepresented groups and spread awareness about crucial issues like body positivity and mental health. Check out some of her most current artwork.

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Credit: Cassandra Calin

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#1. Time for some “me time”

#2. All size fits one

#3. Straightening my hair

#4. What living alone looks like

#5. Two kinds of people

#6. Relationship milestones

#7. This is me

#8. So pretty!

#9. Insomnia

#10. If you are weak

#11. Make up your mind

#12. Seamless panty

#13. Poot!

#14. I wish

#15. Christmas

#16. Back pain

#17. Outfits of this week

#18. Anyone else experienced?

#19. New sports bra

#20. Strange dream

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