20 The Square Comics Based on Social Issues and Positive Messages

Today we are back to discuss a well-known Instagram account that is famous for making comics based on social issues and positive messages. Alvin Juano is the creator of this amazing comic series. He is an Indonesian artist who is 24 years old. The webcomic has become known for its unexpected turns and dark humor. He focuses on clearly communicating the information through illustrations when creating his designs, which are easy to understand and simple.

The artist is famous for his web comic series with the username The Square Comics. His comics explore themes that many people can identify with, such as anxieties, societal pressures, and the struggles of daily life. By doing so, he is able to grasp an audience of 611,000 followers on his Instagram account. We have collected some of his best comics in the following section.

Credit: The Square Comics

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#1. Advertisement

#2. Some Day

#3. Personal Boundary


#4. Thinks

#5. Optimist

#6. Wake Up


Teenage artist Alvin decides against falling into sadness in favor of using a notebook and a little creativity during a trying period in his life. Thus, Square Comics was founded in 2014. He generally depicts characters in his comics who are struggling with anxiety, despair, and loneliness. His comics frequently address topics that are relevant to everyone, such as relationships, daily living, and pop culture allusions. Readers will find them even more pleasant as a result.

#7. Wants

#8. Friends

#9. Brain


#10. Grow Up

#11. Brain

#12. Looser


#13. Evolved

#14. Bloody

In the comics, characters frequently encounter challenging situations like loneliness, depression, and worry. However, he consistently finds the ironic side of things, and his comics sometimes uplift and offer viewers hope. It’s definitely worth checking out Square Comics if you like dark humor and surprising turns. By clicking Here And Here, you may access some of his earlier articles on our website.

#15. Plants


#16. Works

#17. Star

#18. Nap


#19. Plans

#20. Human

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