20 Guy Elnathan Comics Based on Situations in Parenthood and Relationships

Guy Elnathan is a comic creator whose work focuses on relatable everyday experiences, parenthood, and humor. His most popular series is titled Chronicles of Us, which documents his life as a husband and father. He captured the joys and challenges of being a husband and father. Through relatable situations and funny observations, he resonates with readers who face similar experiences.


The artist doesn’t shy away from the messy realities of life. From sleepless nights with a newborn to the struggles of maintaining a relationship, his work taps into universal experiences that connect with a broad audience. That’s why he is able to reach an audience of 129,000 followers on his Instagram account. We have collected some of his best comics. If you want to enjoy them, then keep scrolling.

Credit: Guy Elnathan

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#1. Good Night


#2. Solution


#3. Long Hair

#4. Breathing


#5. Hilarious

#6. Conversation


His comics show various kinds of realistic, occasionally extremely funny, everyday scenarios, and, most importantly, they convey an understanding of what it’s like to be married and raise a child. The drawings created by the artist portray accepted, everyday scenarios that occasionally have ridiculously funny moments. The unique attributes and quirks of a loving marriage are undoubtedly captured in the colorful illustrations.

#7. Mop

#8. Grow Up


#9. What you need

#10. Moon


#11. Interesting Conversation

#12. Doctor Fix


#13. Hug

#14. Mr. Baby


#15. See

He finds humor in everyday situations, but it always comes from a place of love and understanding. He is active on social media platforms like Patreon and Instagram. This allows him to connect directly with his fans, offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into his creative process. If you’re looking for comics that are relatable, funny, and heartwarming, then be sure to check out more comics by clicking  Here And Here.

#16. Tired


#17. Show

#18. Future


#19. Talked

#20. Trust


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