20 Plastic Katana Comics Based on Random Hilarious Moments of Daily Life

If you love random comics, you’re at the perfect place, since today we have yet another incredible artist for you. This one makes his audience laugh with his drawings. With great pleasure, we present Plastic Katana Comics. It is an account on Instagram that she made. The artist has been creating weekly drawings for comics since 2017. He is a talented cartoonist, graphic designer, and artist.

This webcomic’s creator likes to doodle and sketch. He enjoyed her love by making innovative concept comics. His comics are mostly influenced by strange concepts he encounters in everyday life. Because he only makes comics for a few months at a time, his readership is quite small. You will almost immediately find yourself laughing aloud at his comedy if you keep reading this blog.

Credit: Plastic Katana Comics

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#1. Always looking at phone

#2. Absent Mind

#3. Good Bye


#4. Movie

#5. New Guy

#6. Jokes


The artist’s main focus is on the situations that happen in everyday life while living with a family. He mostly shares his experiences, which happen to him in his daily life. He says that the main reason to share these moments with others is because he believes that these moments happen to everyone. So that everyone can relate to his comics.

#7. Trying To Catch

#8. Job

#9. Girls Dress


#10. Still Better

#11. Listen Up

#12. Pics From Bad Side


#13. Awesome

#14. Good Time

The artist uses visual tricks, hidden objects, and double meanings in his work, which makes it visually amusing and interesting. He shares his artwork on social media, where it receives a lot of global appreciation and shares. His illustrations are typically made in an appealing, simple style that promotes understanding. We hope you also like his style of comics. For more such fabulous content, keep visiting our website on a regular basis.

#15. Hobbies


#16. Pivoting

#17. Companies

#18. The Nightmare


#19. Products

#20. Inspiration

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