Artist Create 20 Comics That Masterfully Address The Social Injustice Ingrained In Everyday Life

Blobby looks a bit weird, but who cares about the exterior? They are really cool on the inside and that’s what matters. This little creature is trustworthy, supportive, and refuses to tolerate BS. It’s no wonder 465,000 people follow them.

But if you haven’t heard of this adorable porridge yet, we can introduce you both. They are fictional characters who star in their own comic series called Blobby and Friends.

It is a project that focuses not only on healthy everyday life but also on important social issues such as homelessness and racism. Even more impressive, the stories also manage to make readers laugh.

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The artist personally started designing toys and puppets, but I was looking for an outlet to let me talk about the things that matter to me,” he told us. “To be honest, we did not expect things to be the way they did and I am full of love and gratitude towards our audience.

Zack describes Blobby as “the best magical friend you ever wish you had.




[Other people] who appear in the comics are Lily, her human friend (and I really empathize with her character, I’m not sure why), Ashley, who has a crush on Lily, and Charlie / Punk Kid, who can shed. So intimidating, but he’s actually the smoothest, healthiest character we’ve ever come up with. That’s why Charlie is modeling our underwear, “said Zack, laughing.



Many comics online steer clear of difficult topics. A little pun here, a cheesy line there, and that’s it. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with this concept. There is certainly an audience for it. I just want to say that Blobby and Friends stands out from its competitors. Even though the series also looked a lot like that at first.

I don’t know if there is something that inspired me to start comics the way it exists today. In fact, we started off really simple, with cute, fun gags that were more superficial. As the account grew, we realized that we had the opportunity to use Blobby to speak on more serious topics, Zack explained.















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