This Artist Create 30 Joke Comics In the single panel

This Artist Create 30 Joke Comics In the single panel

Sometimes when drawing comics, artists can spend hours creating numerous panels to craft their stories, but sometimes one panel is more than enough to tell their idea. Comic book artist Nate Fakes is a perfect example of that! The said artist creates fun one-panel comics, and he’s absolutely prepared to make sure his works lift someone’s spirits after a very long day.

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Art, in any form, is time consuming not only to practice but also to produce, so we asked Nate how long it takes him to finish his comics completely.

So, it is complicated. Of course, I have to write it down first. That can be done in a few minutes or weeks. I have a writing routine and ideas sometimes flow like water from a tap. Other times, there is nothing, and that nothing is essential. It is part of the creative process. But, okay, let’s say I have an idea ready, and it’s time to draw! A good colored gag cartoon usually takes between an hour and an hour and a half. A graphic novel page typically takes 2-3 hours to ink and color.









Being an artist is not easy, one can easily find a lack of inspiration, exhaustion, etc., so we wanted to ask Flakes about his ideas for the comics.

He reads a lot, he writes a lot. You need to get into a writing routine if you are going to have ideas. As I mentioned earlier, sometimes they don’t hit. This is why routine is vital so that you are ready for them when they do it. Also, I pay attention to everyday observations and something may seem funny to me. If I can create a humorous version of a circumstance, I will.










Every creative person has moments of exhaustion. It goes with the territory and is completely normal. Creative work is hard! It’s not an easy job and there are times when you don’t feel like being creative. However, those times go by, and most of the time, I’m excited as always to get the work I do.

We also asked Nate how people reacted to his work.

My joke comics usually have a lot of moans, laughs, blank stares, you name it. The mood varies for everyone. Some comics are a huge hit with thousands of people, but there will be some who will say ‘this is stupid’ or, more recently, ‘ok boom’. It makes me laugh at the responses I get. However, they are generally good. My fans are the best, and I just focus on creating offbeat, hopefully fun stuff that people will enjoy.









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