20 Times Mr. Lovenstein Makes Comics Based on Awkward Social Interactions

J.L. Westover is a cartoonist who is famous for his darkly humorous comics. The artist is famous for his web comic series with the username Mr. Lovenstein. His comics are mostly based on surreal situations, existential dread, and awkward social interactions, delivered in a simple art style. In 2010, he began working on his web comic because he wanted to be a part of the exciting comics field.

He then creates accounts on many social media platforms to share his comics with people all over the world. Unlike traditional comics that were published in newspapers, web comics were a fresh and open platform when they started. He was able to express himself in a special way because of this open area. His Instagram account currently has 923,000 followers, which is a large audience. Enjoy some of his darkest comics.

Credit: Mr. Lovenstein

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#1. Thanks Mom

#2. God’s Creation

#3. Nuts


#4. Kids

#5. No Idea

#6. Tickle Tickle


The work he writes has become known for its unexpected turns, dark perspectives on ordinary situations, and humorous discussion of difficult subjects. Additionally, the creator regularly shares his comics on his Instagram and Facebook pages. As he regularly uploads new comics, his website is the best way to find his most recent work. His dark comedy is full of unexpected turns and covers challenging circumstances from intelligent perspectives.

#7. Silly Mood

#8. Remember

#9. Wild Life


#10. Heal Turn

#11. Shark

#12. It never does


#13. Clay Pot

#14. Mind Body Problem

#15. Shower


The comics usually address relatable circumstances or fears, despite their depressing subjects. As we laugh at the ridiculousness of life and ourselves, humor can become funnier. It is a web comic that is worth checking out if you’re searching for something that will make you laugh and think. You can also enjoy some of his earlier articles on our website by clicking HereHere And Here.

#16. Note to self

#17. Cornered

#18. Cardio


#19. The perfect amount

#20. Risky text

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