Here are 20 New Single-Panel Comics By Laughing Hippo Studio To Giggle You

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We are back to discuss the artist who claims that the best place to get humorous artwork online is on his Instagram account. The well-known cartoonist Doug Hill runs the Instagram account Laughing Hippo Studio. He is renowned for producing humorous single-panel comics that are mostly relatable to the younger generation that grew up with newspaper comics. In just one panel, he draws up innovative humor and shocking turns.


He has 5,452 followers on Instagram. He is well-known for his humorous and lighthearted one-panel comics. His easy-to-understand cartoony style has become known for being suggestive of newspaper comics. Witty wordplay, puns, surprising turns, and relatable situations. Especially ones that are known to older audiences are common elements of the humor. Continue scrolling to see his finest comics.

Credit: Laughing Hippo Studio

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#1. Gamers

image 1192

#2. Sore Throat

image 1193

#3. Drone

image 1194

#4. Waiter

image 1195

#5. Beware

image 1196

#6. Interest

image 1197

Laughing Hippo Studio specializes in one-panel comics that work strongly at laughter. Doug Hill gets the inspiration for his humor from ordinary events, relationships with relatives, and even common-sense relationships. They may be humorous to those who enjoy traditional dad jokes, but they are frequently updated with a fresh twist or unexpected turn.

#7. Biggest Difference

image 1198

#8. Sad or Confused

image 1199

#9. Several Times

image 1200

#10. Weight

image 1201

#11. Bark

image 1202

#12. Credit Card

image 1203

#13. Look Cold

image 1204

#14. Dad Caught

image 1205

He says that this is an easy design that depends on the artist’s ability to express a great deal of humor in a single frame. Also, it is difficult for artists to make people laugh with only a single panel and one punchline. He believes that the increase in popularity of social media platforms like Instagram over the past ten years has made it easier for artists to share their creations. For more enjoyment, click Here, Here, And Here.

#15. Officer

image 1206

#16. Rest Room

image 1207

#17. Post Online

image 1208

#18. End

image 1209

#19. Work Day

image 1210

#20. Witch Hunt

image 1211

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