20 Hilarious Single-Panel Comics That Will Surely Tickle Your Funny Bone

Art, as we know, speaks volumes. But what about those that make us laugh out loud? Yes, we’re talking about hilarious single-panel comics. Ever wondered how these bite-sized pieces of humor manage to tickle our funny bone every single time? Wondering how these masters of laughter create such uproarious content? Stick around as we delve deeper into this amusing world. The beauty is in their compactness. They turn subtleties into hilarity, the mundane into knee-slappers, and offer viewers a moment of respite with a hearty laugh.

Step right up, folks! Have you ever taken a trip down the rabbit hole of giggles and guffaws with Laughing Hippo Studio? If not, buckle up for a wild ride through the world of rib-tickling, side-splitting comics that are sure to bring tears of joy to your eyes! Picture this: a cartoonist extraordinaire named Doug is the genius behind Laughing Hippo Studio, crafting these little pockets of pure comedic gold that pack a punch in just one panel.

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Credit: Laughing Hippo Studio

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#1. Charging

#2. Desert

#3. Blaming


#4. Anniversary

#5. Homework

His extraordinary skill at conceptualizing unpredictable punchlines keeps fans on their toes and laughing their hearts out simultaneously. Laughing Hippo Studio utilizes simplicity, not at the expense of funniness but to enhance it—proof that brevity can indeed be the soul of wit. Their secret lies in the simplicity and punchy humor of their jokes, drawn on a single-panel canvas. Imagine a visual pun or a sarcastic statement cleverly encapsulated within a single drawing space. That’s where Laughing Hippo Studio’s expertise truly shines. It isn’t merely about making people laugh. It’s about constructing a unique comedy narrative within the tiniest spaces and delighting audiences every step of the way.

#6. Shell


#7. Hilarious

#8. Nature Trail

#9. Snoring


#10. Keep an eye

Now, Doug isn’t just your average doodler; he’s a master of creating laughter through his comics and greeting cards. He’s got a bunch of series under his belt, like Potpourri Cartoons, Bartoons (no, not the drink kind!), and the fantastically quirky Off the Wall comics. Each one is a treasure trove of humor, delivering laughs faster than a pizza arrives at your door on a Friday night. You might be wondering, “Hey, does Doug have a stadium-sized fan base?” Well, not exactly. On his Instagram account, he’s got a cozy little audience of 5,293 followers. But hey, don’t let the numbers fool you! His comics are like hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

#11. How?

#12. Stranger


#13. Doctor

#14. Jogging

#15. The Cloud


#16. Exercise

His comics? Oh boy, they’re a riot! They’re like those “aha” moments you get when you finally understand a joke after a few seconds. Quick, clever, and oh-so-relatable! Doug’s got this knack for capturing life’s quirks in a single frame, turning everyday situations into comedy goldmines. So, if you’re looking for a pick-me-up, a dose of laughter, or just a good ol’ time, head on over to Laughing Hippo Studio’s little corner of the internet. Doug’s comics might not have taken over the world yet, but they sure have a knack for brightening up your day, one hilarious panel at a time. Trust me, your funny bone will thank you later!

#17. Cat Videos

#18. Nesting


#19. Noise

#20. Complaining

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