By “Blobby and Friends,” Here are the 20 Comics about Everyday issues That Most People Face

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The world is filled with unfairness. The one thing we can always do is at least speak up about it, even though there isn’t always anything we can do directly about it. Even speaking up, though, is not always as simple as it may seem. Thank goodness, there are still those who aren’t scared to express themselves through their creativity in that way.


Let me introduce you to “Blobby and Friends,” a new webcomic series. It is a comic series about a social blobfish that highlights the social problems that some people deal with on a daily basis. The vibrant comics have already gathered over 524k followers on Instagram. His comics cover not only wholesome day-to-day living but also significant societal problems like racism and homelessness.

The artist argues, “I started off with puppetry and toy creation, but I was seeking a way to express the issues that were important to me.” To stray from the traditional feel-good attitude while still producing compelling comics requires bravery and skill. The following section is a collection of some of his best comics. If you want to explore these comics, then you must scroll down to the area below.

Credit: Blobby and Friends

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